Jimmy Joe started playing guitar at the young age of 12.  He started playing weddings for family and friends in his teens and has been perfoming wedding music professionally since 1984. He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston and graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood. He is schooled in many styles of music including classical, jazz, country, bluegrass, blues and rock-n-roll.  He is known among friends and colleagues as a talented, sensitive player with just the right touch for any occasion.  He has been writing songs since 1990 including custom songs for friends and clients. He is a wordsmith to be sure and his rhymes will impress and surprise you.  And the melodies he writes range from cutting edge to so beautiful they will make you cry!
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Jimmy Joe Natoli
Chrissie Natoli
Chrissie has been playing guitar since 1995.  She started playing folk and rock tunes in college.  Writing songs seemed like a natural extension to the poetry she had always been creating.  Over the years she became interested in a variety of styles and also picked up the mandolin and ukelele. She began seriously adding classical music to her repertoire in 2005.  With Jimmy Joe as a teacher, music arranger, and inspiration, she continues to learn more and more classical pieces.  Together, they play, sing, and harmonize and perform a range of duets in settings from the Farmers Market to house concerts to festivals to weddings and birthday parties.  You can visit their Better Halves site to see where they are playing next so you can meet them and hear them in a live setting.